How Roms Games Builds a Safe and Compliant Archive of Discontinued Classic Games

At Roms Games, our mission is to offer an expansive, secure, and user-friendly repository of video games. What sets us apart is our focus on titles from old and discontinued platforms. These are the games that have shaped the landscape of gaming but are no longer easily accessible. With a myriad of titles from bygone eras, how do we ensure each game is both safe and compliant with privacy regulations like the GDPR? Here's an overview of our meticulous content sourcing process.

Archiving Games from Discontinued Platforms

Our primary focus lies in archiving games from older systems that are no longer in production or have been discontinued. We aim to preserve the legacy of these iconic platforms, from the NES and Atari to the PlayStation 1 and Sega Genesis, among many others. By doing so, we offer our users a rare opportunity to relive the golden years of gaming. We source these treasures through meticulous online searches, prioritizing trustworthy and verified content.

Safety First: Comprehensive File Scanning

The security of our users is paramount. Each file earmarked for inclusion in our archive undergoes a detailed scanning process. Advanced antivirus and malware detection tools are employed to ensure every game is free from malicious software. In essence, we provide a secure bridge to the past, allowing users to download and enjoy classic games without any modern-day worries.

Anonymous User Verification for GDPR Compliance

Compliance with privacy regulations is a crucial aspect of our archiving process. To ensure GDPR compliance, we have instituted an anonymous user verification system. Files are not just tested for safety but also verified anonymously, meaning any personal data linked to the verification process is anonymized and securely stored. This procedure ensures the privacy of our users and enhances the credibility of our platform.


Roms Games is not just a repository of classic games; it's a sanctuary for timeless entertainment from discontinued platforms. Through diligent archiving of online content, rigorous safety measures, and strict GDPR-compliant verification protocols, we offer a platform that stands as a paragon of quality and reliability. Every game you find here has gone through this rigorous content sourcing process, making Roms Games your go-to destination for safe, compliant, and nostalgic gaming.